Day 2 ‘Hawks NFL Draft Recap

Well John and company did in day two what they wanted to accomplish in day one.  They acquired an additional pick by trading out of the 2nd round.  (They swapped some other picks but I wont bother you with the details.  My brain broke from trying to figure it out.)  The ‘Hawks  used the Lions 3rd round selection to grab John Moffitt from Wisconsin.  I did watch quite a bit of Wisconsin last year and they ran people over.  O-line is the foundation of the Badgers program and Seattle wants to take on a tougher personality of their own.

Enter Tom Cable.

This tough as s*** coach will get to work with one of the youngest, most promising O-lines in the league.  He was able to scout and select both Moffitt and yesterday’s pick Carpenter.  Add those guys to Okung, and Unger, and you have a solid foundation.  If the ‘Hawks are able to bring in Robert Gallery, I would be able to run behind that line.

After John’s dealings, we have seven picks tomorrow.  Watch for some D-lineman and maybe a corner or two.


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