The 7… Jeffrey’s Favorite Bad Movies

I was inspired by Chase to add my Top 7 Greatest Bad Movies.  I agree with some of Chase’s selections, but for the sake of 7, here is my list:

Chase’s list can be found here.

  1. Major league 2 – Rated PG 13 after the original was rated R for awesome language. Am I the only one who judges movies based on the rating? The makers of ML2 were clearly trying to capitalize on the first movie and remake it for a younger family friendly crowd. For my simple mind, it totally worked. Bob Uecker is the glue holding this awful movie together and there is nothing more fun than yelling “You have no marbles!” in public. I watch this movie every spring to get ready for the upcoming season. The most quotable on my list.
  2. Bulletproof – Probably the worst movie on my list. It failed at the theater and then somehow failed worse on VHS. Adam Sandler and one of the Wayans brothers star in this train wreck with James Caan as the token drug kingpin mobster. It was funny and had some senseless violence. I love this movie and actually recommend you watch it. Because we both know you haven’t.
  3. The Last Boy Scout – Another movie with the same Wayans brother. You’d think I love this guy enough to know his first name. Bruce Willis plays a down and out cop which I know is a huge stretch for him. The two of them go on a shooting spree in this comedy/thriller/action movie. Do not watch this on date night with your girlfriend. Watch it with your buddies and drink every time you hear a swear word or someone gets shot. You’ll have a great time.
  4. SWAT – I had to pick a Colin Farrell movie. Bad plot, worse acting, and had Michelle Rodriguez in it. That’s 3 strikes. Somehow I still love this movie. I can’t explain it and don’t have to defend myself to you.
  5. Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back – An example of what happens when you have rich friends just screwing around in front of a camera. Very quotable and entertaining if you can get over the fact it’s a pile of crap. It has all your favorite characters from the Kevin Smith movies because even he knew he was running out of ideas.
  6. Airheads – Adam Sandler again with Steve Buscemi and Brendan Fraser. For what it’s worth this was before Fraser made that abortion known as the Mummy or George of the Jungle. He had such potential. By the way I just IMDB’d Fraser. He rivals Nick Cage for the worst resume of movies all time. These guys should have fired their agents six times by now. Anyway all three of these guys were small potatoes when the movie came out. It’s entertaining to see what they did before they became better known and more serious actors.
  7. Made – The Anti Godfellas. Vince Vaughn and John Favreau can make any movie they want together and I’ll love it. Oh and it has Diddy. Diddy was great. This movie is what happens when you have a passion project as an actor with no budget to back you up.