My Turn, You Wait

The right of way.

 It’s a good idea. It’s one of the first things you learn in driver’s ed. I also think it’s one of the easiest concepts to master. All you have to do is think, because right of way is common sense. There does seem to be a general lack of that of late, so maybe this rant is for naught.

If I get to the stop sign first, I get to leave the stop sign first. It’s how it works. If were both at an unprotected light, waiting to turn on to the same street, the person closest to the street being turned onto get sot go first.

As we merge onto the freeway, for the love of God, there is no need to slow to 30 to let some yokel merge in front of you. That’s not how the law works. And it is not how we should drive. The law says to “enter the highway at the speed of traffic.” It’s why we have long on ramps, so that people have time to push on the pedal on the right and reach a reasonable speed. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll will be courteous and slow a little to let you in, or even speed up to make room behind me. But I WILL NOT STOP on the freeway so that you can comfortably merge.

Moreover, if you are behind me at a light and am I obeying the law do not honk out of impatience. You are wrong, and likely an idiot.

In all cases the pedestrian has the right of way, same with bikes. If I am crossing the street you better stop. And when you don’t and I get indignant and holler obscenities at you, just keep driving, knowing that you were wrong.

Lastly, let’s address buses. Yes, you are under paid. Yes your job has to be one of the least appreciated, most annoying out there. Passengers are thankless, unruly, loud and your place of work often smells terrible. But, and I say this with respect, you still have to follow the dame laws of the road! You don’t get to run lights. You don’t get to cut me off. You don’t get to make erratic lane changes with no signal, especially since you are 50+ feet long. You just don’t.

And breaking these laws, and being a total ass, might save you all of 7 seconds. So don’t. Just stop being an asshole!


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