Day 1 ‘Hawks NFL Draft Recap

Just a quick recap of day one.  As a Seahawk fan, not much to post.  The ‘Hawks expressed their desire to trade out of the first round prior to the draft.  The plan was to drop back into the 2nd round and replace the 3rd round pick they lost in the Whitehurst trade.  It didn’t work out that way as they literally waited until time ran out before they selected OT James Carpenter.  I like the fact they drafted a clear position of need.  I watched only a handful of Alabama games so I don’t have much input on Carpenter.  He does project to be a starting right tackle so you can say goodbye to Sean Locklear.  His contract expires and he can go underachieve elsewhere.  To be honest, I don’t blame Sean for not living up to expectations.  I blame Tim Ruskell for telling us Locklear would end up being our left tackle of the future and paying him as such.

I’m happy with the selection and glad we didn’t reach for a player this early.  Pete and John deserve some credit for not reaching for a Colin Kaepernick or Andy Dalton.  Would you trust a ginger QB?

Best pick of the day – The Arizona Cardinals selecting CB Patrick Peterson LSU #5 Overall

What the f*** pick of the day – Minnesota Vikings selecting QB Christian Ponder FSU #12 Overall


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