Introductions: Jeff

Born in the Spring of 1983, Jeffrey Wayne grew up in the ‘burbs of Seattle and attended Thomas Jefferson High School and played varsity soccer.  When the scholarships didn’t exactly come calling, he attended Central Washington University where he earned a degree in Information Technology with a minor in Advertising.  He had a cup of coffee in Public Relations for the CWU Central Civic Marketing Group.  There, he worked with the Ellensburg Animal Shelter and the Civic Engagement Center.  He currently works in sales outside Seattle, WA.  If there was a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf within 100 miles, he’d be flat broke.  He is also such a sports geek, he wrote his bio in the 3rd person.
Cutting the act I also try to follow technology trends, current events, music and movies as much as possible.  I like to vent on entertainment culture, what’s wrong with America and other random ridiculousness.  I promise not to go all “Adam Carolla” on you.   I’ll probably compare the broken NBA business model to the unimaginative nature of Hollywood and explain in great detail why Dave Simms must be stopped.Hobbies include camping, backpacking, boating, and wake boarding.  This summer I’ll be picking up paddle boarding.  If I don’t end up rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter, I’ll let you know how it goes.  If the damp northwest weather would allow me, I’d spend every weekend outside.  I’m also way too old to be playing video games but I still play Madden as if I was a junior high kid with no girlfriend.


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