Introductions: Chase

I am a Geek, nerd and from time to time, an all out dork. I am a PR flack by trade and a media junkie by choice. I get paid to talk about technology (some consumer and gadgety, some super deep and really nerdy) and deal with media. The public relations world is not all the glamor and glitz you may see on TV, but it’s fun and I love it.

I am a Trojan and a Zag. I spent 4 years in Spokane at Gonzaga University. Yeah, with the basketball team. Ask about tourist opportunities in Spokane. I also spent two years on an island in south central… Los Angeles, at USC. I got a master’s degree in Strategic PR there.

I like sci-fi, reading and gadgets.  I read a lot things about a lot of things. I care about news, technology, photography and food, just to name a few. Beer is a food group in my book, and the darker the better. I have a wealth of knowledge about a plethora of things, most mediocre. For example, a large group of skunks is called a surfeit. Right, helpful at the office.

I live in San Francisco.

I plan to post mostly about music, technology, media  and some random trivia.


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