At the record store today – April 26

When you hit the record store this week, or the digital download purveyor of your choice we recommend checking out a few things. It’s a pretty light week this week, but still, at least a gem or two.

AugustanaFishin' For WoosAll At OnceThe Complete Singles (1971-2006)


I liked “Boston” until everyone liked “Boston.” There is a chance that this may be a return to the listen-to-able category. It feels a little like old U2 in a good way, a little on the epic side.

Bowling for SoupFishin’ for Woos

It’s kind of like the early 2000’s all over again. We just need a keg party and a paper to blow off to really bring it home. For nostalgic purposes, this is a must. We also wish every night was S-s-s-saturday Night.

The Airborne Toxic EventAll at Once

If  the second single is anything to go off of, this disc will be in heavy rotation all summer, with the windows down and the open road before us. It’s a little “emo,” but then again, what new rock isn’t.

The Rolling StonesComplete Singles

Every single one of rock’s most prolific has ever released, all in one place. It’s 45 discs. No as in 45 speed, but 45 individual discs. Should be a good time killer – and, for space reasons, a better digital purchase.

We reserve the right to listen to these albums a few times and pass further judgement.


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